Trainer Qualifications

How do I become a trainer?

Driver CPC – Trainers – Qualification Requirements

The situation regarding trainers for periodic training is as follows:-

The Directive requires that each trainer is suitably qualified in the subject area(s) they are proposing to deliver. The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training will therefore expect that in any subject area where specific knowledge is required the proposed trainer will have an appropriate qualification at least to the level being taught (Level 2). There is a definition of Level 2 published on the QCA website (

For those trainers with no previous experience of delivering to drivers, a number of level 2 training certificates are available. However, the Association of Trainers believes that such courses should be accredited to one level above that being taught i.e., trainers should be trained to level 3 to deliver level 2 qualifications.

It is recognised that in a strictly limited number of subject areas there may be competent trainers who have a great deal of experience but no formal qualification e.g. driver training. In these circumstances, evidence of experience as a professional driver or as a professional driving instructor of Category C or D vehicles will be required (See Annex 8 of the guide to periodic training).

Maintenance of Records

Approved training centres will be required to keep evidence that demonstrates that the trainers they use to deliver approved training courses meet the requirements of the Directive as set out above. Approved centres are not required to notify the Joint Approvals Unit of changes in training/instructing personnel. However, they are required to hold information on trainers that evidences their expertise in relation to Directive requirements and to make available records that show which trainer/instructor has been used to deliver specific courses if requested by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training.

Training/Instructing Expertise
Trainers will also be required to present evidence of expertise in training and training techniques. Evidence will take the form of:
  •  " "an appropriate training qualification or
  •  " "a certificate of experience from an employer or a customer that can evidence expertise in delivering training (see Annex 7 of the guide to periodic training).