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Revised Medical Examination Forms

''Revised medical examination forms, including a separate section for eyesight which might require and additional separate examination by a qualified optician, are now available. There is also a revised guidance leaflet.''

pdfDownload D4.pdf (Medical Examination Report)

pdfDownload INF4D.pdf (Information and useful notes for D4)

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News Bulletin - 23rd May 2013

Fitters having to hold a DQC

The DSA have withdrawn the latest advice regarding fitters having to hold a DQC for the purposes of carrying ‘on-road’ commercial work such as attending breakdowns. This follows concerns raised by the Association at the recent stakeholders meeting along with the FTA, RHA and CPT. The concern really revolved around the DSA changing their advice and the late stage it was changed, just a few months from the ‘acquired rights’ deadline. We await further advice!

New digital tachographs

Specifications for a new generation of digital tachographs for trucks and buses were agreed informally by Irish presidency and Parliament negotiators on 14th May. Innovations include devices that can read on-board recording devices from a distance, which will make it easier to enforce driving and rest times.  Under the draft rules, smart tachographs would be fitted to new vehicles within three years once the Commission has set out the technical specifications, so to put an end to fraud and tampering and ensure that rules apply fairly and equally to all trucks over 3.5 tonnes on EU roads. Within 15 years, they would have to be fitted, or retrofitted, to all EU-registered trucks and buses in international transport.

Once published in the EU journal,  the new rules will be implemented two years hence. I’ll keep you updated on progress as this will have quite an impact on most trainer’s courses!

DQC1 forms

I now have a supply of these forms, should anyone come across a non-UK licence holder from another EU Member state. The process is that they send their 5 certificates and a cheque for £25 to obtain their DQC. Also, in theory, this process can be used for a paper licence holder to obtain a DQC, although the DSA are trying their level best to get rid of paper licences, but there is still no legal obligation to do so! The form is not available electronically as it has a plastic insert for the photo.

Laden vehicles

Again the DSA have put out incorrect information. Following me raising the issue with them regarding their last misleading press release, they have clarified that vehicles do not have to be ‘laden’ for periodic training, such as for an ‘on-road’ Eco-driving. Vehicles used for module 4 Initial tests do need to conform to the new laden weights requirements  from 30th September 2013.

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News Bulletin 11th March 13

Correction: Driver CPC deadline for dual category drivers

Professional drivers with acquired rights for both buses/coaches and lorries must complete their first block of Driver CPC periodic training by 10 September 2013 to keep driving buses and coaches professionally.

However, as a one-off arrangement, DSA has agreed that after the September 2013 deadline, these drivers will have 6 years to do their next block of training - from September 2013 to September 2019.

We're sorry for any confusion caused.

You can read the updated news story on the GOV.UK website.

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