Training Aids

Guide to maintaining roadworthiness - April 2014

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Fixed Penalty Notice Card - PCV

Fixed Penalty Notice Card - LGV

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Bus Walk Round Checks Card

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Coach Walk Round Checks Card

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VDO Tachograph Mk II Explanatory Note

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On-line and Downloadable Digital Tachograph Simulator

This multimedia application is designed to provide practice with the new digital tachographs available on the market.

The tool consists of an interactive simulator and some guided training sequences specific to each manufacturer.

You can choose to either download the simulator application software and sequences to your own computer or run the simulator online.

Use the Digital Tachograph Simulator on-line

Download the applications - This willl allow you to run the application from your computer whenever you want, without an Internet connection. First download and install the Interactive Simulator, then download and install the training sequence for which ever product you wish to simulate.

Interactive Simulator (Version 4.0) Simulatorv4.exe

Training sequences for the Actia tachograph (v 4.0)

Training sequences for the Siemens tachograph (v 4.0)

Training sequences for the Stoneridge tachograph (v 4.0)

PC Requirements

PIII (1GHz or higher)

128Mb of RAM

100Mb of free disk space

W98, W2K, or XP

Internet Explorer v 5.0 or higher

PC or external loud speakers

Adobe Flash